Company History

Established in 2007 in Ames, Iowa, J&K Contracting is a full service sewer, water and excavating contractor.  J&K performs work across the state of Iowa including interstate, highway and municipal street construction as well as building site work and development. The company has also grown to specialize in water and wastewater treatment underground process piping. J&K has the capability to perform deep sewer projects that exceed 30 to 40 feet in depth.  Ranging from hard bid projects and negotiated work to emergency sewer or water repair, the company is recognized as a competitive and diversified Central Iowa Organization.

J&K field employees are the heart of its business and are trained annually in trench safety, OSHA rules and regulations and CPR. Currently,  J&K employs over 40 people. The office management has been brought from the ground up with the ability to perform operations in the field and behind the desk, which is a powerful tool in day-to-day problem solving and risk management. J&K is proud to have established good relationships with large general contractors and paving contractors and is a contractor of choice for these organizations.